Unblock App – VPN Technology

At Unblock App we have a shared vision to allow the global community free access to their online applications and allow businesses and developers to access the markets without restrictions. This increases revenues and business flow to the internet community.

Unblock App has introduced a new way to monetize apps that should see a higher conversion rate in the more restrictive countries. By selling your clients premium VPN prescriptions for popular VPN brands you will receive up to 90% commission on each sale.

How it works

Unblock App is a flexible and lightweight software extension that can be bundled with the installer of your desktop application or your mobile app. It works across all popular operating systems such as windows and android.

Unblock App starts up automatically in the background. Your application controls the process with simple API commands. For example: VPN starts connecting to outside gateway. VPN then shows as connected and encrypted. Client can start to browse blocked applications and services. When finished, client disconnects VPN connection.

Notices, alerts and even advertisements can be triggered by your app and are customizable through an easy-to-understand portal. The client is able to access the blocked and unrestricted websites or services while Unblock App continues to work seamlessly in the background with an anonymous and encrypted connection.

Pioneering VPN Technology

Unblock App connects to the Bitcoin block chain to create a decentralized and anonymous way to broadcast the entry point of its servers. This innovative mechanism makes our infrastructure nearly unblockable by ISPs and governments. Our VPN infrastructure, API and CDN are built on top of solid, bare-metal dedicated servers that offer unlimited speed and bandwidth and support P2P, file sharing and VOIP.

Your Unblock App clients never have to worry about downtime as our servers operate in multiple countries across the globe and each server has multiple fail over mechanisms in place. Scalability is much easier for us as we are not burdened with unnecessary overheads. This allows us to manage unlimited VPN connections.

At  we understand the importance of providing a secure and fail safe service to our clients. As such, our hosting partners are carefully selected. Before we set up a new location, we always visit data-centers on-site to ensure that our security, privacy and quality standards are upheld.