Swan's Copywriting Service

a freelance copywriter ready to take the slack

Swan’s Copywriting Service

Are you looking for a great copywriter?

Then look no further…I am a freelance copywriter with the ability to write convincing, engaging, and unique copy that will shake, rattle, and roll your customers into action. To get your website to the top of the page rankings you will need your copywriting to be SEO optimized, keyword enriched and above all, compelling.

If you need sales-letters that snap and crack. white-papers that ooze and schmooze, or technical copywriting that’s plain and sane. Then I am your copywriting man.

What to do next?

Ask me to write your brochure, sales-letter, or white-paper. Once you’re impressed with my work, show it to your boss. They say, ‘Whoa ! That’s cool. How much did that cost us? Really, Holy Moly ! get that guy on the phone and let’s keep him.’

I also have a background in I.T. as a software/hardware engineer so I am great with translating technical jargon into an easy to understand non-tech language. At the wonderful age of 46 I have pushed my way  through University doing a degree in Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor University, Wales.

I believe I have a great service to offer you whether you are a multinational corporation, or a single business owner.

Like you, I too have a dream that one day I will be able to earn my living writing. This means I will only need a laptop and internet connection so I can follow the sun and my hearts desire to be free.

What I can do for you

Articles – As I say Content is King and a good article will receive hundreds of links and likes, sending your website higher up the rankings. But it has to be original, related to the subject matter of your website/product/service, and be SEO optimized with just the right amount of keyword density.

Don’t make the mistake of paying peanuts for some run of the mill bland article that we have seen a million times. Your articles must have a unique voice.

Tech Style Writing – As my background is in most things technical then it’s easy for me to turn tech-language into everyday speak. Tech blogs, articles, how to articles, or instruction manuals. I can translate them all into a plain easy to understand English.

Website Copywriting – Landing pages, website content, keywords, and product descriptions. Skipping on the copywriting after you have paid hundreds for your flashy website is a major mistake. Short, concise, and entertaining words that encourage your reader to stay and buy, are a must.

Copywriting is a craft that requires attention to detail

Sales-Letters – All sales-letters follow roughly the same formula which is Attract, Interest, Desire and Action. My approach to writing sales-letters is friendly and informative. Rather than the brash, ‘be an instant millionaire’, I would say my ‘sales writing style’ is like to talking to a best friend on a warm summer’s day.

Copywriting – whether brochures, sales letters, articles, or white papers, all will require skillful copywriting. With copywriting I will be looking at how I can use words to sell your product or service. My style is persuasive but not confrontational. Humorous but not vulgar.

White-Papers – A good white-paper takes a lot of time and a lot of research. It is a cross between a tech-manual and a sales-letter. You need to drive a fine line between interest and action. I believe I have that ability to create an emotionally compelling, factually informative, and memorable white paper.

Of course you can ‘um and ah’ about whether I might be expensive, or maybe not what you need, but at least get on the phone and contact me. Let me see if I can help you in anyway, and if not, no worries.

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