Our staff have been scratching their heads to think of a different way to encourage our supporters to help the many young people homeless on the streets at this time. We had a wonderful letter the other day from a woman called Kirsty who had used our services as a young child. We thought it would be a great time to reflect on her experience and show you, not only the urgent work you are helping us with, but also how lives have been turned around since.

Christmas is a great time for stories and families. As a young girl Kirsty missed out on those vital bonds that are being made up and down the country right now. The teasing and jesting that occurs in some families, for Kirsty, was a cold hard slap from a troubled father. Kirsty was unable to run to her Mother because her Mother had attempted suicide several times, and was no longer capable of looking after her. Caught between a rock and a hard place Kirsty was forced onto the streets with nothing.

It was great to see Kirsty come back into our office the other day to update us on how she was doing. We are a charity with some longevity so this can happen quite a lot. The young children you help us save come back to thank us and see us as their home from home. To be a child alone and on the streets at Christmas is devastating but with great fortune Kirsty managed to find her way to our doors, and she was welcomed in. That’s what we do at Help a Young Person’s charity, nourish the mind, body and spirit. This is only made possible due to the generous donations you offer us.