I love to write. I write short stories, I write poetry, I write speeches, and I even like to write technical white-papers, so I must love this stuff. I have only been writing full time for three years as I have spent the last ten years working in I.T. doing desktop and network support during the day, while dreaming of being a writer at night.

I finished a BA Hon’s in Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor University in Wales, and also added a copywriting course to beef up the skills and get me ready for the freelancing world.

As a copywriter I have been attending some excellent copywriting, and communication courses, and topped up my knowledge by reading as much as I can on marketing and copywriting. I must admit I think I am born to do this. So far I have written sales-letters, white-papers, brochures, newsletters, a course on project management, and numerous technical articles which can all be viewed on this page.

I managed to grab my first large corporate client Dolby, although that probably had to do with the fact that I used to do their I.T. Support. I am preparing technical disclosures for uploading on the internet. Please have a look.

I enjoy all forms of writing, whether it be a political speech, or a loved one’s eulogy, a white-paper on managed services, or a soft furnishing companies sales-letter. They all contain a story, and need a writer with great heart and imagination to write them.

If you need a copywriter that can transform the mundane words across your online or offline social media. Then feel free to contact me below.

David Peter Swan. Copywriter. UK 07376278515 Skype : dswan9 Email