Although some feel we have left the recession behind us and 2016 looks brighter on the economic front, companies are still looking for smarter ways to streamline their internal I.T. structure and Unified Communications is one of those areas. The hype surrounding Unified Communications can cause great confusion as many technologies are required, such as Presence, IP Telephony and VoIP. Using a Managed Service provider to bring together all these different elements, utilizing different suppliers and telecommunication providers will take a lot of the confusion out of the process.

Outsourcing UC has many benefits, including :

Greater I.T. Resources: by offloading the cumbersome network and hardware issues related to upgrades and maintenance, the I.T. team is left to concentrate on doing what it does best, being innovating in technology, reducing inefficiencies, and adding value.

A Single Source for Contacts and SLAs: managing and implementing suppliers and agreements is time consuming and resource intensive. Handing this over to a single point of contact takes a lot of stress out of daily activities and lets everyone know where the responsibilities lie.

Flexible Contracts : with technology in a constant state of flux we need the contracts to meet the same demands. A Managed Service contract leaves room for manoeuvre.

Device Management: The introduction of UC will include the provision of mobile hardware such as Ipads and smart phones running windows platforms and other branded devices. These can also be maintained by a managed service.