In today’s ever increasingly globalized workplace the company WAN is expanding and evolving in a myriad of different ways. With ever increasing wireless technologies, and more remote working, virtual WANs are being created on the hop. The boundaries of what a WAN is, are blurring ever more each day and becoming more complex, which is why some companies are choosing to selectively outsource some of their WAN services.

The first step before deciding which parts of your WAN to outsource would be to carry out a root and branch investigation of your current network architecture. See if you have efficient site to site connectivity. Ask yourself the questions, have you been adding too many network resources? do you know how your entire infrastructure operates?

One of the greatest benefits about outsourcing your WAN today is the ability for service providers to have multiple relationships with carriers. This enables them to route traffic over the best path at any given time. They will also be able to provide a competitive cost structure on a local, regional and global level.

When it comes to planning where your company and network are going, then it’s possible to carry out a strategic assessment, using outsourced consultants and project management to map where your systems are now and plan how to organically grow your WAN so that it can meet the requirements of a continually evolving, global structure.

When it comes to selecting the right provider to outsource it’s possible to choose a provider that has the right expertise across all systems and vendors, and uses a methodology that can cleverly exploit the best technologies around, placing an emphasis on strong service level agreements.